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Why Work With Me?

More than just a story ...

Writing any sort of book requires the ability to control language, narrative and character in a way that engages the reader and leaves them wanting to know what the next sentence will bring. But ghostwriting a book demands a wide range of other skills as well. The ability to interview a client in a collaborative, connected and empathetic way is vital, as is expertise in bringing free-flowing thoughts together into tight, readable text. A ghostwriter needs to be able to understand the full range of human emotions, and to grasp complex ideas and social systems related to lives they have not experienced directly. It is only by seeing through the client’s eyes and interpreting what they really want to say that a ghostwriter can serve as the medium for communicating the client’s story.

My training as a historian of philosophy, my experiences living in half-a-dozen different countries, and my work with a highly diverse range of authors gives me a unique set of tools for this job. I’ve helped a member of the Special Forces narrate firefights in the chaos of a warzone, and assisted a falsely convicted man to tell the tale of his life in and out of prison. I’ve worked with tech company CEOs to communicate next-generation advances, and helped some of the largest companies in Asia talk more effectively to their own staff. I’ve distilled the learnings of a lifetime into a book that fits in your back pocket, and teased out the details of a single crazy day into a gripping ten-thousand word chapter.

And I can help you tell your story as well – whatever that story is.

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