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Editorial Services

Working as a writing coach and editor gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction. Writing is hard work! It’s easy to run out of steam, get stuck in a rut, or finish a text and yet still not feel satisfied with it. Helping writers get over the line and bring their projects to completion requires empathy, the ability to offer constructive advice and the writing craft to ensure that the final product is something that makes the author feel proud.

I have been working as an editor for more than a decade, and in that time I have helped hundreds of books and articles through to publication. Whether you need someone to take an objective view of the structure of your work, give a sympathetic but close reading to your argument or story, or just to tidy up the language and give an extra polish to the rhythm and flow of your sentences, I can help.

Asking someone else to look over your work and comment on it honestly can be a daunting experience. Nobody wants to hear a critic reel off a list of problems with a text they have worked hard on. That’s why I take a solution-oriented approach to editing. There is no issue that can't be resolved by tackling things a little differently. And I'll make sure to take you all the way through to the solution, not just point out the problems and then leave you to fix things by yourself.

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