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Business Books and Big Ideas

Ghostwriting business books and books on technology, public policy and other big ideas is always a pleasure. Clarity, structure and persuasive argumentation are the order of the day here, and these are skills I honed to a fine point during my time working in university philosophy departments.


Ghostwriting for thought leaders tends to be more straightforward than working on memoirs, as clients typically already know what they want to say. My task is to hone that message and to communicate it in as compelling a manner as is possible. The first step in the process is to sketch out the structure of the book as a whole, mapping it out chapter by chapter. At this stage, we’ll also talk about options for style and tone, and about what exactly you want to achieve with the book. While traditional publishing still carries a certain prestige, if the goal is to provide an additional income stream or to support a speaking career, then often the self-publishing route will be more profitable.

Once we’re clear on where we are going, I’ll start interviewing you about the detailed contents of the individual chapters and we'll build from there.

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