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About Paul Scade

I began my career as a writer and researcher a little more than twenty years ago. As a historian of ancient philosophy, I was fascinated by the possibility of reconstructing lost voices. My job was to gather ideas and arguments that survived only in scattered fragments – sometimes no more than a few broken lines on a burned piece of papyrus – and try to bring them together to reveal a coherent and fascinating whole. During my academic career, I taught at top universities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, and published my research with world-leading presses, including Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press. 

About a decade into my academic life, a colleague from another country asked me to help him frame his arguments in English for a book he was writing. To my surprise, the process gave me exactly the same feeling of satisfaction that I found in my research: a sense of exploration and discovery as we immersed ourselves in the ideas; a feeling that I was uncovering something precious and helping it come out into the light. Even better, collaborating with a real living human was much more fun than working alone with a stack of dusty books for company! It took me a few more years, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted to do in life was help other people tell their stories.

The idea that you can only be an author if you also happen to be a highly trained or naturally talented writer is nonsense. There is no reason to think that professional writers have a monopoly on ideas worth sharing, or that people with great stories to tell should keep them bottled up unless they have the time and the inclination to set them down on paper themselves. As a ghostwriter, I use my skills in research, analysis and writing to help my clients unearth and tell their stories in a way that is true to their own authentic voice. I firmly believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that there is no better way to bring it out into the world than by collaborating with an empathetic and thoughtful writing partner. 

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