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If you are looking to raise the bar on your ghostwriting project, your search is over. Paul is not only an excellent writer, but also an accomplished ghostwriter and collaborator. He came to ghostwriting with a long track record in writing and as a veteran researcher and professional historian. Paul incorporates all these talents into his ghostwriting assignments, along with a deep inquisitiveness, which makes him an excellent collaborator. Not all ghostwriters possess these talents, and fewer still are able to bring them to bear as a writing partner working with someone else's story. Paul both understands the principles of collaboration and applies them with exquisite diplomacy. This is the mark of a true ghostwriter—someone who can work well with a client and freely share ideas while leaving their ego at the  front door.
The final proof of a good ghost, though, is, always, to be found in their writing, and Paul is just superb. I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for excellence in their book projects as well as a very pleasant working partner for the duration.

Robert Bruce Woodcox
Best-Selling Author
Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Ghostwriting is, by its nature, not a public-facing business. I sign non-disclosure agreements with my ghostwriting clients and take my responsibility for their privacy very seriously. For that reason, you won't find their names listed publicly on this site. However, some clients have given me permission to discuss their books in private conversation, so please feel free to ask about past projects when you get in touch.

A number of clients I have worked with in coaching and editorial capacities have kindly allowed me to use their feedback and comments below.


Paul did an outstanding job as the editor of my book. He enhanced the structure and flow while making sure my own voice as the author remained uncompromised. He was detail oriented, thoughtful and provided a stream of valuable inputs and perspectives on the content at all levels, from the rhythm of individual sentences to the arrangement and length of the chapters. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and I will certainly go back to him for my next project.

Reto Salimbeni

Filmmaker, Writer and Director

Writing a book is hard, and when I got completely stuck in writer's block, Paul patiently unravelled things and helped me to get writing again. He's thoughtful and thought-provoking, a reliable and creative partner.

Johnnie Moore

Consultant and Facilitator

Author of Unhurried at Work

Paul has been my editor for many years now. He is an exceptional writer and a highly organized professional who can turn his hand to anything from careful argumentation to emotionally honest biography. Working together on a recent book, he helped me to capture both the skills and the heart behind the clinical framework I use and teach. I can safely say he is the best writing professional I've worked with.

Anthony R. Pisani, Ph.D.
Founder, SafeSide Prevention
Associate Professor, University of Rochester
Clinical Psychologist and Author

Paul - I just want to say that your comments and our countless sessions were indeed extraordinarily helpful. I think they really enabled the text to reach another level. I also have the impression that I learned English anew, as it were.  At least, I reached a new level of understanding of how to write in English and how to express my ideas in this language. Thank you very much for this.

Christopher R.
Philosopher and Author

Paul didn’t just correct my English. His careful readings of the text, and the many discussions that built upon them, not only improved the textual surface but also challenged time and again the flow and wording of my arguments and, ultimately, made for a different book.

Professor Jörg Rüpke

Award-winning historian

Author of twelve major books

Paul has worked for us in a variety of roles, including as a story editor and content creator. He is easy to work with, always delivers on time and produces written texts that are of the highest quality. I always look forward to collaborating with Paul and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Shannon Mildon
Producer, Manifesto Films

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